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Attending the AHR Expo? Learn about our ERV Products and Services at Booth #C6661!

This page contains some extra details about the products and services we are displaying at Booth #C6661. You can Contact Us any time to learn more or to schedule a meeting.

Airxchange ERC-118 and ERC 125

New 118 and 125 inch ERV Wheel Series for Custom and Semi-Custom Air Handlers

The ERC-118 and ERC-125 Series offers the time-tested Airxchange design at airflows ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 cfm at multiple performance options.

Airx Web

Pre-Register Now for AIRX Web - Our ERV Wheel Selection Software!

The latest software offering from Airxchange is a free, web-based performance modeling selection tool. HVAC engineers can compare and select Airxchange AHRI Certified energy recovery components with greater ease and flexibility than previous software versions.

Performance Profiles

Customize ERV Performance for Any Application

As the need for energy recovery ventilation expands, customers are asking for more choices in thermal effectiveness, air flow, and desiccants to satisfy project requirements. At Airxchange, we are meeting these needs with multiple segment configurations to address all of their design priorities. 

Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Details our award winning aftermarket replacement and retrofit products and services that Airxchange offers directly to consumers.  

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  • See our Technical Notes page for high level information and whitepapers related to our products.

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