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Contractors: Install a Better System

Higher EER, Better Humidity Control, About the Same Cost

Next time you need to replace an old or install a new rooftop system, propose a DX/ERV system. A DX/ERV system is more energy efficient and provides better humidity control at little or no additional cost.

With generous utility rebates and a lifetime of annual operating savings, DX/ERV systems are a better value than typical DX systems. And adding value is always the best way to increase your profits.

Save your customer $2,000 to $5,000 dollars annually by replacing their typical 20 Ton DX system with a DX/ERV system. Learn More»

Available from Your Preferred OEM!

Airxchange energy recovery wheels are available directly through your supplier. HVAC OEMs offer Airxchange ERV wheels as an option and will configure them to suit your needs.