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The Challenge of Outdoor Air

Outdoor air presents a challenge to HVAC design because it presents conditions that require a large amount of energy and equipment to properly condition. The power of Airxchange wheels is that they transform outdoor air into near room conditions regardless of temperature or humidity, summer or winter. With Airxchange in your design, you don’t have to worry about the impact of outdoor air.

Put the Load on Airxchange

This “pre-conditioning” of outdoor air performed by Airxchange wheels results in up to 4 tons of work for every 1000 cfm of outdoor air performed at an effective EER of 60. Shifting the load to Airxchange means the rest of the HVAC system can be smaller and the overall HVAC design will be 20-40% more efficient. Learn More»


Get Better Humidity Control

Additionally, when combined with a typical DX system, a combined DX/ERV system will have a much lower sensible heat ratio – 0.5 versus 0.85. This lower SHR means a combined system will control building humidity even in hot and humid climates. Air handler systems also benefit from the reduced latent load. Learn More»

Work with your preferred OEM

Airxchange markets exclusively through HVAC OEMs and serve 90% of the market. With Airxchange ERV, you can choose the supplier and configuration of your choice and still receive our dependable segmented design and our 25 years of experience.