Airxchange Technology : Increase Dehumidification


Manage the Outdoor Air Moisture Load

Outdoor air represents the largest source of moisture in most buildings. On hot and humid days, Airxchange wheels dehumidify outdoor air without condensation. On cold and dry days, Airxchange wheels humidify the outdoor air minimizing the need for additional building humidification

Combined Systems Can Achieve Humidity Control

An Airxchange wheel combined with standard HVAC systems is likely to control humidity in even the most humid climates. A Tiax, LLC report found here provides further details. By Avoiding the expense of additional mechanical dehumidification helps pay for the Airxchange wheel

 OA Conditions
OA Moisture Load
DX System (20 Tons DX)
DX/ERV System (15 Tons DX, 5 Tons ERV
 95ºDB,78ºWB 7.1 gals/hour
6.3 gals/hour
9.6 gals/hour (4.9 from ERV)
10.8 gals/hour
7.6 gals/hour
13.3 gals/hour (13.3 from ERV) 
 75ºDB, 72ºWB
 7.2 gals/hour
 9.1 gals/hour
 11.5 gals/hour (4.7 from ERV)

 Calculations assume a 20 ton load with 2000 cfm of outdoor air with indoor design condition of 75/63.. SHR of DX was assumed to be .75 for 95/78 condition, .70 for 87/80 condition, and .65 for 75/72 condition. Airxchange wheel assumed effectiveness of 70%.

Airxchange Humidification Examples:

 OA Conditions  Moisture Loss Due To Outdoor Air  Airxchange Humidification
 26ºDB, 25ºWB   7.3 gals/hour  5.3 gals/hour
 -4ºDB, -5ºWB   9.8 gals/hour  7.2 gals/hour
 -16ºDB, -17ºWB   10.1 gals/hour   7.5 gals/hour

Calculations assume 2000 cfm of outdoor air with indoor design condition of 72/54. Airxchange wheel assumed to have effectiveness of 70%