Airxchange Technology : Sustainability

Airxchange Technology - Sustainable by Design

Airxchange has changed the energy recovery ventilation market through a new and unique approach to design and manufacture of heat wheels. New materials, patented designs and innovative manufacturing techniques respond to the challenge, making energy recovery ventilation practical for all sizes and types of HVAC systems.


Airxchange designs provide added advantage in the field. For service, nothing could be simpler than the slide out cassette, giving easy access to all components which may require maintenance. Serviceability and cleanability are important considerations for the HVAC industry. The Airxchange cassette anticipates these needs.

Desiccant Coating

Patented desiccant wheels are coated using a proprietary process which embeds the silica gel in the surfaces of the polymer substrate. After repeated washings over years of operation, the Airxchange desiccant remains in place doing its job.

Patented Segments

Airxchange wheels larger than 25" in diameter are made in removable, pie shaped, energy transfer segments. Easy to handle, washable segments are removable without the use of tools. If the energy transfer matrix ever does need replacing, the segmented wheel construction allows it to be accomplished in minutes in the course of a simple service call.

Materials and Durability

All materials are selected for durability; the stainless steel welded wheel construction and patented polymer matrix offer unique resistance to corrosion. No special coatings are required in marine environments, seacoast locations or swimming pool application.

Time Tested

Most important, Airxchange energy recovery ventilation components and features are not theoretical products with theoretical benefits. They have been tested in 30 years of product development, in independent industry certification programs for safety and performance and by our customers. Airxchange components are proven energy recovery ventilation technology that deliver time tested performance.