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New ERV Wheel Series for Custom and Semi-Custom Air Handlers

The ERC-118 Series offers the time-tested Airxchange design at airflows ranging from 15,000 to 45,000 cfm at multiple performance options.

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Customize ERV Performance for Any Application

As the need for energy recovery ventilation expands, customers are asking for more choices in thermal effectiveness, air flow, and desiccants to satisfy project requirements. At Airxchange, we are meeting these needs with multiple segment configurations to address all of their design priorities.


A Clean Energy Solution for Outdoor Ventilation

Describes how Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) can provide affordable fresh air while meeting exhaust air ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ) standards.

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Experience the Airxchange Advantage

Experience the Airxchange Advantage

Learn about the design features that make Airxchange the best choice for energy recovery wheels.

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Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Details aftermarket replacement and retrofit products and services that Airxchange offers directly to consumers.  

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Visit Airxchange.com/aftermarket for more details or to request a consultation.

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