About Us : 2017 Dealer Design Gold Award

Our Innovative Replacement Wheel Design Won Gold in the ACHR News' Dealer Design Awards

Airxchange Wins Dealer Design Award

Airxchange's modular wheel design has been recognized by the leading HVAC trade publication in their yearly showcase of products and services that offer a competitive advantage to onsite engineers and contractors.

Unlike competing products, all Airxchange energy recovery wheels are designed to enable facility managers and contractors to quickly replace any energy recovery wheel, regardless of the original manufacturer or configuration.

“When damaged or aging energy recovery wheels are no longer able to be serviced or cleaned, the significant energy savings that were assumed in the HVAC system design are lost,” said Christopher Glover, director of Aftermarket sales at Airxchange. “Our cost-effective, modular replacement wheel design provides a simple solution for recapturing these energy losses without  compromising quality."

ACHR News awards gold, silver and bronze awards to highlight the best HVAC equipment available. Judging is based on ease of installation and use, maintenance, application/repair, reliability, and competitive difference.

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Modular Assembly Option for Airxchange ERV Wheels

Simplify ERV Wheel Replacements with Airxchange Field Assembly Kits

Special considerations must be made when replacing an energy recovery wheel in an existing HVAC unit. Transporting and installing  wheels into limited access areas is a challenge, often requiring special handling equipment and lifts.

Airxchange eliminates these challenges with modular assemblies that are designed for easy transport and assembly in limited access areas.

Watch this video to see how large energy recovery wheels are delivered and assembled in limited-access areas - all without cranes or special building openings.

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Anna Jaques Hospital

Case Study:
Hospital uses Rebates and a Unique Design to Bring New Life to 40 Year old HVAC System

Check out this example of our design at work!

Airxchange's modular wheel design was used to replace two inoperable 30 year-old energy recovery wheels. Airxchange Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions helped specify replacements that could be assembled inside the HVAC units, helping the entire HVAC system function as originally specified at a fraction of the cost of a complete system overhaul.

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Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Overview of Airxchange Aftermarket replacement and retrofit products and services.  

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Experience the Airxchange Advantage

Experience the Airxchange Advantage

Learn about the design features that make Airxchange the best choice for energy recovery wheels.

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Airxchange Advanced Specification Document

Advanced Specification

This document includes dimensions, detailed description of technology, photographs, performance data, and electrical information.

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