Aftermarket Products : Replacement Energy Recovery Plates
NEW!!! Airxchange is excited to provide air-to-air heat exchangers to both the residential and commercial market. Airxchange Energy Recovery Plate(ERP) exchangers are manufactured using raw materials designed for optimal heat and moisture exchange within a total energy recovery ventilation device.

The energy transfer liner in the EX series Cross Flow Energy Recovery Plates is a selectively porous membrane material, coated with a special hydrophilic resin that forms the boundary between the two airflows. It is the medium that delivers heath and water vapor transfer, and is primarily responsible for the high performance of the heat exchange.  Due to its stable air permeability, it has excellent gas barrier properties.

A functional spacer with similar characteristics to the liner membrane is used to support each layer of the liner and serves as a support for forming an airflow path.  In addition, the spacer material plays a role in absorbing the moisture from the passing air and delivering absorbed moisture to the liner.

Upgrade to Airxchange

In addition to our OEM offering, Airxchange can provide direct replacements for the common energy recovery plates currently used in the market.  Without proper maintenance, the heat exchangers can become dirty over time, effecting both efficiency and pressure drop within the overall system.

When this happens, replacing the plate exchanger itself is often the best option, and Airxchange is here to help.  With a few simple measurements from the existing cabinet, Airxchange can provide a direct replacement ERP that can slide right in to the existing space, limiting downtime and repair costs.  This is a simple and cost effective option which will greatly improve the overall effectiveness of your system, and eliminate the need to perform a full system replacement.

Contact the Airxchange sales team to discuss your project and a potential solution to your problem. We’re happy to provide any help we can and will work with you to get the system back to its peak performance levels.

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