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Read full Harley Davidson case study!
Read full Harley Davidson case study!

Case Study:

Harley Davidson tunes up 20-year-old energy recovery ventilation system

Milwaukee, WI: After over 20 years of reliable operation, the energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system serving Harley Davidson's corporate headquarters was due for an upgrade.

Joe Langfeldt, an HVAC engineer for Harley Davidson, contacted Airxchange to determine if there was a way to restore or replace the energy recovery wheels in the system to avoid the high cost of a complete ventilator unit replacement. He learned that a unique design feature of the Airxchange wheels would enable him to achieve factory-level performance at a fraction of the cost he expected by simply swapping out the removable energy transfer media segments.

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HVAC Trends: 

New study confirms economic and health benefits of increased ventilation and ERVs

New study measures economic impact of increased building ventilation

A new study by Harvard's School of Public Health, SUNY Upstate Medical, Syracuse University, and United Technologies, titled "Economic, Environmental and Health Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings," finds that doubling the ventilation rates in office buildings returns up to $6500 worth of productivity gains per person, per year. The study also finds that using energy recovery ventilation mitigates the extra energy costs from increased ventilation.

This work builds on another recently released study, titled "Impact of Green Building on Cognitive Function", from the same research team. Unlike previous work that linked increased ventilation to improved health, the initial study from this group focused on the cognitive benefits of increased ventilation rates.

The initial cognitive study was conducted on two-dozen participants and took place over two weeks. Participants performed their normal work functions until 3 p.m. and then completed an hour and a half of cognitive tests. Nine different cognitive categories were measured.

Results indicated an average cognitive improvement of 101% over all nine categories when office ventilation rates were set to double the standard code-minimum rates. The highest cognitive improvements were measured in the information usage (299%), strategy (288%), and crisis response (131%) categories.

The new economic study concludes that the public health benefits of enhanced ventilation far exceed the per-occupant costs. The study also finds that adding ERV to a building's HVAC system neutralizes energy cost increases, removing any economic and environmental barriers for widespread adoption of increased ventilation rates.

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The website for the National Institutes of Health features abstracts and download links for each of the two studies mentioned above:


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