For OEMs : Overview

OEMs: Choosing Airxchange as your partner you choose:

Commitment to our OEM customers defines our company. Airxchange resources are focused on the development of energy recovery ventilation components and their applications. Our vision includes energy recovery ventilation on most buildings in the next decade. Our goal is to continue as the industry leader. Resolving the conflict between health and comfort on the one hand, and energy conservation and cost on the other, will remain central to our mission. Airxchange is committed to providing our OEM customers with innovative products which respond to those challenges.

Investment in technology, manufacturing and market development drives our business. Our commitment to the success of energy recovery ventilation and the confidence that comes from proven performance allow Airxchange to continue investment in product design, volume manufacture and industry standards. Airxchange will be here tomorrow, providing leadership, sound technology and cost effective solutions to the need for energy efficient ventilation.

Entrepreneurial spirit fuels our people and fosters new ideas. Not content to be just another heat wheel supplier, we are always on the lookout for new and better ways to design, manufacture and supply energy recovery technology. We have developed expertise in its application and support our customers with that knowledge. Our efforts are guided by the needs of our OEM's and the markets they serve. We listen and respond to customer input. Our patented designs, innovative products and guarantee of supply ensure that our partners continue to enjoy the benefits of energy recovery ventilation technology in a cost conscious HVAC marketplace.