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Energy Recovery Wheel Evaluation & Modeling Software

Airxchange has developed AIRX a comprehensive software line for evaluating and modeling the performance of Airxchange energy recovery wheels. A brief summary of our software is included and available for download to our registered users.

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Available Software

AIRX ERC: Selection, Performance and Energy Analysis Software

AIRX ERC enables users to select and model wheel performance based on airflow, pressure drop, and/or energy transfer effectiveness. Software provides annual energy savings, annual operating savings, heating and cooling capacity, and design point performance using calculations in accordance with ARI Standard 1060 based on ASHRAE weather bin data. Software also determines the Combined Efficiency Ratio (CEF) for DX/ERV systems, frost control requirements and sizing, and provides output forms for use in submittals.

OEM Specific AIRX : Performance and Energy Analysis Software

Airxchange offers to its customers the ability to tailor the Airxchange program for their specific catalogued product line. This includes but not limited to; brand imaging, tag lines, and technical contact information as well as applications specific data such as flow limitations, fan locations, maximum allowable pressure drops and more. With the ability to match catalogued products along with the standard benefits and features of the AIRX program it enables OEM Sales & Distribution to easily select and model wheel performance and provides output forms for use in submittals.

Software Integration Services

Many OEMs have dedicated software platforms for selection of their catalogued equipment. Therefore Airxchange has made available our AHRI Certified performance for full integration into first party software solutions. Available in most common programming languages it provides an easy approach to integrate the Airxchange product into an OEM product line.

AIRX Quick Select v1.0: Selection and Performance Software for Applied Systems.

A subset of AIRX v3.0, AIRX Quick Select provides design point performance in an easy to use
interface to perform quick scenario analysis for different wheels under desired conditions.

AIRX 2-Wheel v1.0: Performance Modeling Software for 2-Wheel Systems

AIRX 2-Wheel software enables users to evaluate the performance of 2-wheel Dedicated Outdoor
Air Systems (DOAS). Calculating design point performance for a 2-wheel DOAS system is a tedious, iterative process automated by AIRX 2-Wheel. The software outputs required capacity for all components in the system and the psychrometric process for supply and exhaust air streams.