About Us : Q4 2018 News Roundup

AT&T Building in Miami, Florida

PROJECT: With the help of Airxchange, AT&T recently completed a 13' energy wheel replacement in order to restore energy savings and improve humidity control to an air handling unit serving six floors of their Miami office building (previously the Bell South Building).

Limited access to the air handler unit (AHU) located in a rooftop penthouse was overcome by Airxchange's customized replacement wheel solution which was delivered in sections through a stairwell and elevator then re-assembled in the AHU.  The structural steel casing of the original wheel manufacturer was left in place for the Airxchange wheel to operate within.  Unlike the bearings of the original wheel, Airxchange provided external bearings to reduce the applied load on the bearings.

PAYOFF: With the replacement wheels now in place, AT&T can better manage operational costs while helping to maintain a comfortable and healthier indoor environment.  Both the on-site contractor and HVAC manager for the building were complimentary of the Airxchange's segmented energy transfer media design which can be easily cleaned going forward.  The installation was completed over a weekend, to minimize replacement downtime.


-Airxchange wheel is 40% lighter than the original
-Removable transfer media design insures lifetime energy performance
-Offloads AC coils up to 272 lbs of water per hour
-Reduced peak energy load:
Summer = 130 tons / Winter = 750,000 Btu/h
-Simple payback estimate = 3.5 years


PDH Accreditation: Continuing Education Seminar for Energy Recovery

Airxchange now offers a seminar to licensed Professional Engineers who's associations require them to maintain continuing education credits in the United States (excluding Florida and Alabama).  These including CEMs under AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) and CHFMs under ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineering).  The seminar provides a technical overview of energy recovery ventilation and how it's application reduces energy demand for building designs and operation.

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Did you know?

Preparing for the Cold: Frost Control Strategies for Energy Recovery Wheel

All energy recovery ventilation systems require frost protection in climates experiencing severe winter design conditions.  Frost formation results in a reduction and eventual blockage of airflow through the heat exchanger.  The temperature below which frost will begin to accumulate on heat exchanger surfaces is referred to as the frost threshold temperature.  It is a function of outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity.  Read more.


HVAC Energy Rebate Programs Available:

Section 179: Major Tax Break for Commercial HVAC Equipment

Congress passed a bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) stating "taxpayer may elect to treat the cost of any section 179 property as an expense which is not chargeable to capital account.  Any cost so treated shall be allowed as Qualified Real Property applicable includes heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning property." The Section 179 Deduction is a compelling financial incentive for commercial clients to replace old, devaluing equipment or upgrade to new, high efficiency systems.  

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National Grid Energy Rebate Program: ERV Custom Express

National Grid developed a utility incentive program for Energy Recovery Ventilation in the Northeast territory.

ERV Custom Express has been designed for both New and Retrofit ERV applications and produces upfront incentive values to offset up to 75% of the incremental cost of the ERV.

ERV Custom Express can be used by building owners and consulting engineers to quantify ERV incentives and paybacks upfront in the design process or when planning the replacement of older HVAC systems.  National Grid's generous "Custom Express" program offers significant cash rebates for new and replacement ERV upgrades.

Not from the Northeast? Check with your local utility provider for similar rebate programs!

Save now! Click for more info: National Grid Custom Express Rebate Program