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HVAC Trends:

The unnecessary cost of designing for low cross leakage

New study measures economic impact of increased building ventilation

Efforts to design for an exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) of 0% frequently increase energy costs  without providing any meaningful improvement in IAQ. In most applications, the optimal EATR selection point for energy recovery wheels is in the range of 2-4% - a rate that balances the tradeoffs between IAQ, energy costs, and installation costs.

Understanding these tradeoffs allows engineers, equipment manufacturers, and building operators the most flexibility to meet building performance objectives over a wide range of operating conditions. Airxchange: Cross Leakage Efficiency

Airxchange engineer Samantha Alleva presents the tradeoffs in a peer reviewed article published in the November, 2017 issue of ASHRAE Journal.

Click here to view the full ASHRAE Journal Article as a .pdf file - no registration required.

In the News:

Airxchange's Innovative Replacement Wheel Design Wins Gold in ACHR News' Dealer Design Awards

Airxchange Wins Dealer Design Award

Airxchange's modular wheel design has been recognized by the leading HVAC trade publication in their yearly showcase of products and services that offer a competitive advantage to onsite engineers and contractors.

Unlike competing products, all Airxchange energy recovery wheels are designed to enable facility managers and contractors to quickly replace any energy recovery wheel, regardless of the original manufacturer or configuration.

“When damaged or aging energy recovery wheels are no longer able to be serviced or cleaned, the significant energy savings that were assumed in the HVAC system design are lost,” said Christopher Glover, director of Aftermarket Sales at Airxchange. “Our cost-effective, modular replacement wheel design provides a simple solution for recapturing these energy losses without compromising quality."

ACHR News awards gold, silver and bronze awards to highlight the best HVAC equipment available. Judging is based on ease of installation and use, maintenance, application/repair, reliability, and competitive difference.

Click Here to Read the ACHR News Article


Did you know?

Airxchange has manufactured energy recovery wheels since 1981!

Airxchange wheels save LOTS of energy!

What else happened in 1981?

Ronald Reagan became the 40th US President, the first DeLorean DMC-12 was built in Ireland, and the top selling record was recorded by REO Speedwagon.

Airxchange Wheels save LOTS of energy!

1981 was also the year that the first reusable NASA Space Shuttle returned from orbit. The Space Shuttle program has ended, but Airxchange continues to manufacture high quality energy recovery wheels for the HVAC industry.

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