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Case Study:

Georgia Tech's HVAC service contractor finds success with modular replacement ERV wheels

When the original ERV wheels at a campus dormitory could no longer be cleaned or serviced, replacing them was the only choice. But a matching replacement would be difficult due to limited access to the mechanical room.

A creative solution was found in Airxchange's replacement wheel design, which allowed them to be carried into the mechanical room in sections and then assembled in place.

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HVAC Trends:

The unnecessary cost of designing for low cross leakage

New study measures economic impact of increased building ventilation

Efforts to design for an exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) of 0% frequently increase energy costs without providing any meaningful improvement in IAQ. In most applications, the optimal EATR selection point for energy recovery wheels is in the range of 2-4% - a rate that balances the tradeoffs between IAQ, energy costs, and installation costs.

Understanding these tradeoffs allows engineers, equipment manufacturers, and building operators the most flexibility to meet building performance objectives over a wide range of operating conditions. Airxchange: Cross Leakage Efficiency

Airxchange engineer Samantha Alleva presents the tradeoffs in a peer reviewed article published in the November, 2017 issue of ASHRAE Journal.

Click here to view the full ASHRAE Journal Article as a .pdf file - no registration required.

New Software:
Airx Web - a better way to select energy recoveryAirx Web

The latest software offering from Airxchange is AIRX WEB, a free, web-based performance modeling selection tool.

HVAC engineers can compare and select Airxchange AHRI Certified energy recovery components with greater ease and flexibility than previous software versions.




  • No need to download large files


  • Allows user to prioritize selections based on key performance parameters


  • No clumsy Excel spreadsheets 
  • Intuitive selection comparisons 
  • Dynamic PDF format allows user to integrate performance Click here to pre-registeroutputs to project submittal


  • All projects are automatically saved and stored for future reference


  • Automatically updates with latest models 
  • Direct access to Airxchange product support

Did you know?

40% of the world's population of Right Whales visit Cape Cod every summerRight Whale

Can you blame them? The beaches are beautiful, and it's only a few miles from the factory where we make the best energy recovery wheels in the HVAC industry.

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