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Airxchange Project Profiles


Carter-Finley Stadium - Vaughn Towers, NC State University

Completed in 2005, this four-story structure stretches from end zone to end zone and boasts 112 working press seats, booths for coaches, radio and television, operations areas, 955 club seats, 51 luxury suites and a chancellors suite.  Pre-conditioning the outside air during high game day occupancy is essential to maintaining temperature and humidity control.  The facility relies on multiple 30 ton packaged rooftop units with factory installed energy recovery wheels to efficiently pre-condition outside air using recycled energy from building exhaust air.

Stew Leonard's - Norwalk, CT

With more than 300 million of annual sales and 2000 employees, Stew Leonard’s has become one of the world’s most renowned grocery stores.  Water source heat pumps (WSHP) with integrated energy recovery wheels helped transform their newest store in Newington, CT into their most energy efficient to date.

Higher Education Center - Medford, OR

Developed to create a closer partnership between Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College, the building is expected to become the first LEED® certified project in southern Oregon.  A high efficiency HVAC system with integrated energy recovery wheels and VAV control helped contribute to LEED points for Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Air Quality and Innovation and Design.  

Park Elementary School - Columbia, PA

In 2006, Park Elementary School’s aging HVAC system needed replacing.   The replacement units needed to be energy efficient, provide a more comfortable environment, improve the school’s indoor air quality, and meet current ventilation requirements.  Factory installed energy recovery wheels, Digital Scroll compressors, and VAV control substantially improved the replacement rooftop units’ energy efficiency and ability to provide occupant comfort.


Turtle River Montessori School - Jupiter, FL


For the developers of the Turtle River Montessori School, indoor air quality is a top priority for their students.  To satisfy their requirements as well as their goal for energy efficiency, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) equipped with Airxchange energy recovery wheels were immediately introduced into the design. The inclusion of the ERV system allowed the school to downsize its packaged HVAC units by 50% while maintaining the code-mandated supply of outdoor air.


South High Community School - Worcester, MA


South High Community High School's 30-year-old HVAC system was in need of a serious upgrade. By replacing the system with 19 rooftop units containing Airxchange energy recovery wheels as opposed to larger capacity units without wheels, the school realized $60,000 in annual energy savings. In addition, CO2 emissions were significantly reduced and the indoor air quality of the school was greatly improved.


Doherty Memorial High School - Worcester, MA

Doherty Memorial High School set out to upgrade their entire HVAC system to reduce energy costs. By including the installation of energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) with Airxchange wheels, the school found that their first costs were also significantly reduced. The Airxchange wheels reduced the outdoor air load on the system and allowed the school to save tens of thousands in new boiler costs by specifying lower capacity units. That money alone paid for the added cost of the ERVs. The utility rebate money was just "icing on the cake".

Airxchange, Inc. - Rockland, MA


In support of a growing demand for its energy recovery wheels, Airxchange recently completed a 62,000 S.F. manufacturing/warehouse expansion in Rockland, MA.  Airxchange wheels were specified in 8 of 10 packaged rooftop units and (2) Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) which earned a $44,000 gas rebate from National Grid.  Several rooftop units and energy recovery wheels are being monitored for performance and will provide data to compare energy consumption of rooftop units with and without energy recovery wheels. 

Providence Career and Technical Academy - Providence, RI


The designers of Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA) faced the task of developing a high-tech school that would operate 40% better than ASHRAE 90.1 energy standards. Engineers at StudioJAED utilized Airxchange energy recovery wheels to help achieve the goal. The wheels not only helped to save on operating cost by reducing energy needed to condition the outdoor air, but they also allowed the school to use a less expensive two-pipe HVAC system and still maintain comfortable indoor humidity levels.

 Eddy Village Green at Cohoes – Cohoes, NY


Eddy Village Green at Cohoes consists of 16 ranch-style homes modeled after THE GREEN HOUSE®, an innovative concept that eliminates the institutional feel of traditional nursing facilities.  Each home has 12 private bedrooms and baths surrounded by a core public area.  A 13 ton unitary HVAC unit with an integrated energy recovery wheel in each home saves the facility an estimated $23,168 annually.

   Seoul Cyber University-Seoul, South Korea


Seoul Cyber University has built a new extension.  Their need to provide healthful indoor air by maintaining low levels of indoor air pollutants and their goal to reduce total building energy usage 15 – 20% made them choose Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) equipped with Airxchange energy recovery wheels.

Hamilton Police Department - Hamilton, ON 


Completed in 2002, Hamilton Police Station 30 relies on (3) Rooftop Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) coupled with (3) packaged rooftop units to provide 100% tempered outdoor air to the new office space, holding areas, workout facilities and locker rooms.  Airxchange energy recovery wheels within the ERVs recycle 78% of the energy that would otherwise be wasted in the building’s exhaust air.


Westdale School - Hamilton, ON



High efficiency DX rooftop units mated to Airxchange wheel based Energy Recovery Ventilators, replaced the original 72 year old boiler and chiller and increased outdoor air ventilation rates to comply with current code. Airxchange wheels lowered the schools peak demand charges and operating cost while the combination DX/ERV system provided a lower first cost alternative to a new chiller and boiler.

Oakville Conference Center - Oakville, ON


Combination DX/ERV rooftop units with integrated energy recovery wheels reduced system first cost and lowered operating cost and electric demand.  Airxchange wheels enable conference space to come up to temperature within specified half hour timeframe despite the high volume of outdoor air required by owner to maximize guest comfort.