About Us : Q1 2019 News Roundup

ELM Terminal Revitalization Project 


PROJECT: The Elmira Corning Regional Airport completed a $61.5 million, state-of-the-art modernization project. This redesign of the outdated 1960s airport provided 60% more floor space and included investments in renewable energy technologies and sustainability for future operations.

A priority of the redesign was to deliver fresh and affordable outdoor air to the expanded space. In order to offset operating costs for the additional outside air, energy recovery ventilation (ERV) technology was specified.

Airxchange wheels were selected for their unique design which guarantees ERV’s perform optimally for the life of the ventilation system.

PAYOFF: Modern high efficiency ventilation system, utilizing Airxchange energy recovery wheels to provide comfort and energy savings to the airport and its customers. As illustrated in the chart below, Elmira Corning Airport can expect to see substantial savings in both their heating and cooling seasons.


Webinar Series: Continuing Education for Energy Recovery

Airxchange is excited to now offer LIVE webinar series! We have some great topics scheduled for 2019.  

Our first webinar is scheduled for February 13th, 2019 at 11AM EST. 

Now that winter has finally taken hold, what better time to discuss “Frost Prevention in Energy Recovery Wheels”.  To operate during these cold periods, the vast majority of energy recovery devices are manufactured with some form of frost control prevention. This discussion will cover the principals of how frost forms, what are the most popular methods of frost prevention, and some additional tips for operating during the colder months.

Visit our website to register and contact aftermarket@airxchange.com with questions.



Anothersuccessful year at the AHR 2019 Expo inAtlanta!  We hope you had the opportunity to visit our booth and discuss ERV wheel technology, and check out our newlineof Energy RecoveryPlates. 

Seethe information below to learn more about the importance and ease of replacing underperforming energy recovery wheels and plates. And if you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Replacement Energy Recovery Solutions

Airxchange offers genuine factor-direct replacement energy recovery wheels!

Refurbishing the wheel component of your ERV system doesn't have to be expensive or disruptive to your facility.

As the industry leader in ERV wheels, you can count on Airxchange for simple, custom replacement solutions to help recapture your valuable energy.

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New! Airxchange is not offering Energy Recovery Plates!

Airxchange is excited to announce our new EX Plate Series – Cross Flow Energy Recovery product line. This high performance plate is available in various sizes and designed for total energy transfer.

For selection assistance, contact sales@airxchange.com.

For replacement plate projects, contact aftermarket@airxchange.com.