About Us : Q3 2019 News Roundup

Correctional Facility Recaptures Energy Savings


PROJECT: The Green Rock Correctional Center in Chatham, Virginia recaptured lost energy savings by replacing two old metal Energy Recovery Wheels with new Airxchange Polymer Wheels. It was an easy slide in-and-out installation that was completed in a day.

The replacement project required a cleanable solution to ensure future energy performance, and Airxchange's removable Energy Transfer Media provided an easy solution.

PAYOFF: Upgraded with the Airxchange's fully serviceable Energy Recovery Wheel, Green Rock Correctional Center can be assured of continued comfort and energy savings for many years ahead. As illustrated in the chart below, substantial savings in both their heating and cooling seasons pays for the replacement wheel within the first year. 

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Webinar Series: Understanding Energy Recovery Component Leakage"

Date: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at 11AM EST. 

Understanding leakage in regards to an Energy Recovery Component is an essential part of the ventilation systems design and operation. Please join us as we define what leakage is, what system parameters effect it, and how to incorporate it into the ventilation systems delivery of fresh outside air.

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