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Innovative Wheel Design Helps Wentworth Institute of Technology Reclaim Lost Energy Savings

After enduring 12 years of continuous operation, an existing six-foot diameter energy recovery wheel serving WIT's Huntington Avenue dormitory was beyond repair due to the limited ability to properly maintain it.  With the combination of failed internal wheel bearings, plugged heat exchange media and loss of $5,000 in annual energy savings, the Wentworth's Facility team was tasked with seeking a economically feasible replacement solution.

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Anna Jaques Hospital

Anna Jaques Hospital uses Rebates and a Unique Design to Bring New Life to 40 Year old HVAC System

We replaced two inoperable energy recovery wheels that were between 30 and 40 years old. Airxchange Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions was able to specify exact replacements that could be assembled inside the HVAC units, helping the entire HVAC system function as specified at a fraction of the cost of a complete system overhaul.

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Drury Hotel Brands find an ERV Partner for Replacement and Retrofit Projects

Fresh air is one of the many ways that Drury Southwest prioritizes guest comfort. They have an ongoing relationship with Airxchange, using our energy recovery wheels to affordably ventilate each individual room in all of their newly constructed or renovated hotels. Airxchange wheels can also be assembled onsite, which is helpful at the type of landmark urban buildings that Drury frequently turns into modern hotels.

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Rochester YMCAs Rely on Energy Recovery Ventilation for Affordable Fresh Air

This case study explores the various reasons that the Rochester YMCA Association continually uses Airxchange as their ERVs solution in renovations, energy retrofits, and new constructions of pools and fitness centers.

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Cape Cod School Reduces Costs and Increases Comfort by Updating ERV System

The Facilities Director for a Massachusetts town went looking for an affordable replacement for two failed energy recovery wheels from another manufacturer. Fortunately [for the taxpayers], he found us; Airxchange provided drop-in replacement wheels, plus on-site guidance to help the facilities team install the wheel inside of the HVAC units. Lower utility bills, fresh air, healthy children . . . all in a day's work.

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Seagate Towers Wins Battle Against Humidity

Airxchange was part of a condominium HVAC system retrofit in Del Ray Beach, Florida. ERV was added to an older building that was not initially designed to have the opposing airstreams so close to one another. This building is right on the coast and needs hardware that is durable and corrosion resistant. The new system had a rapid payback on utility bills, with a noticeable increase in occupant comfort.

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Providence School Meets 40% Energy Reduction Goal

A design directive to save on construction costs led this school to install a dual–temperature, two-pipe HVAC system. In contrast to the more common (and more expensive) four- pipe system, two-pipe systems cannot engage cooling coils to reduce humidity. The solution to was to install Airxchange energy recovery wheels containing a silica-gel desiccant for moisture transfer. Grade: A+.

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Innovative Nursing Home Saves Money With ERV

Airxchange wheels were a part of this complete HVAC system retrofit. The result is system that not only provides exceptional comfort and indoor air quality, it also dramatically reduces energy costs. And because it operates so efficiently, the system designers were able to specify smaller HVAC units, reducing first cost as well.

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Turtle River School

Florida School Cuts Outside Air Cooling Costs by 70%

For the developers of the Turtle River Montessori School, indoor air quality is a top priority. To satisfy their requirements, as well as their goal for energy efficiency, Airxchange energy recovery wheels were immediately introduced into the design. The inclusion of the ERV system allowed the school to downsize its packaged HVAC units by 50% while maintaining the code-mandated supply of outdoor air. More savings, more healthy children.

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New Rooftop Units with ERV Wheels Pays Big Dividends for Massachusetts High School

South High Community High School's 30-year-old HVAC system was in need of a serious upgrade. By replacing the system with 19 rooftop units containing Airxchange energy recovery wheels, the school realized $60,000 in annual energy savings and significantly lowered CO2 emissions, all with improved air quality.

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Doherty High

Doherty Memorial High School Lowers Renovation First Cost and Saves Energy

Doherty Memorial High School set out to upgrade their entire HVAC system to reduce energy costs. By including the installation of ERVs with Airxchange wheels, the school found that their first costs were also significantly reduced. The design reduced the outdoor air load on the system and allowed the school to save tens of thousands in new boiler costs by specifying lower capacity units that quickly paid for the added cost of the ERVs. The utility rebates that followed added to the great investment.

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VIDEO: Ohio Schools Utilize Energy Recovery Wheels to Improve IAQ

This video presents the benefits of using HVAC designs at schools and other buildings. A very helpful overview of ERV technology.


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