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Case Study:
Boston's House of Blues turns up the volume on ERV energy savings

Value of Airxchange energy recovery wheels at House of Blues

Project Date 


Project Scope

Replaced 2 ERV Wheels

Mechanical Heating Load Reduction from Airxchange Wheels

467,532 BTU/Hour

Mechanical Cooling Load Reduction from Airxchange Wheels

15 tons

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Two energy recovery wheels at this popular venue became blocked after six years of exposure to airborne particulates – including smoke and confetti. As a result, the heating and cooling systems were forced to work overtime to provide a comfortable indoor environment for the 2000-plus concert goers.

Based on past positive experiences, the mechanical contractor chose replacement energy recovery wheels from Airxchange.

This decision prioritized ease and speed of installation, plus the ability to clean and maintain the energy transfer surface. Now the energy recovery wheels can be expected to provide affordable fresh air for the life of the HVAC system.

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Simplify ERV wheel replacement with Airxchange's modular design

Airxchange eliminates logistical challenges with modular assemblies that are designed for easy transport and assembly in limited access areas - all without cranes or special building openings.

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Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions


Aftermarket Energy Recovery Solutions

Underperforming or failed energy recovery wheels that prevent your HVAC system from recovering energy should be restored or replaced. For many facilities, the idea of replacing the entire system is both challenging and expensive. Fortunately, Airxchange has the answer.

We make it easy to restore or replace the energy recovery wheel component, ensuring that your system will continue to maximize energy savings while providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

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Experience the Airxchange Advantage

Experience the Airxchange Advantage

Learn about the design features that make Airxchange the best choice for energy recovery wheels.

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Airxchange Advanced Specification Document

Advanced Specification

More content than a standard specification, including dimensions, a detailed description of the technology, photographs, performance data, and electrical information.

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