ELM Terminal Revitalization Project

Posted 17 August, 2019 — Project Profiles


The Elmira Corning Regional Airport completed a $61.5 million, state-of-the-art modernization project. This redesign of the outdated 1960s airport provided 60% more floor space and included investments in renewable energy technologies and sustainability for future operations.

A priority of the redesign was to deliver fresh and affordable outdoor air to the expanded space. In order to offset operating costs for the additional outside air, energy recovery ventilation (ERV) technology was specified.

Airxchange® wheels were selected for their unique design which guarantees ERV’s perform optimally for the life of the ventilation system.

Modern high efficiency ventilation system, utilizing Airxchange® energy recovery wheels to provide comfort and energy savings to the airport and its customers. As illustrated in the chart below, Elmira Corning Airport can expect to see substantial savings in both their heating and cooling seasons.