Airxchange Software, Airxweb, is Now AHRI Path A Compliant

Posted 25 October, 2019 — News

Airxchange’s Energy Recovery Component selection software, AIRXWEB, is now AHRI Path A software compliant. We made the necessary investments in testing and software to be in full compliance to the requirements. Path A allows you to provide AHRI certified performance selections for your products over the entire range of operation, including full load, part load, and unequal airflows.

With all Airxchange products complying with Path A Certification, it further ensures that all configurations of products utilizing our wheels can be rated for the entire map of performance.  This is a significant change and improvement in the AHRI 1060 program. In the past, only a peak point was tested. The full map is now subject to testing and certification which provides a competitive opportunity to differentiate your products against others that are not Path A compliant.