Washington Township School Increases Energy Efficiency in District

Posted 25 October, 2019 — Project Profiles


PROJECT: Recognizing the replacement advantage of Airxchange’s Field Assembled Kit design. The Washington Township School System located in Sewell, NJ partnered with Tozour Energy Systems to supply (6) replacement energy recovery wheels.

The second project in a series of mechanical refurbishment initiatives, aimed at increasing energy efficiency within the district, Airxchange was once again specified to develop the replacement strategy for all (6) components.  The unique design of the Airxchange field assembled kit allowed the contractor to cost effectively perform the replacement with a design that can be effectively maintained over time.  Even with tight on-site space limitations,  the project was completed in a weeks’ time with no alterations to the existing structure or air handler.

Unlike the previous monolithic wheels, Airxchange’s segmented wheels can be effectively cleaned outside the cabinet ensuring high performance and long-life expectancy.  Even with the shorter operating hours typically associated with municipal schools, the district will still enjoy significant heating and cooling savings and a payback of just a few short years.

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Value of Replacement Energy Recovery Wheels at the
Washington Township School

Location: Sewell, NY
Project Date: September 2019
Project Scope: Supplying replacement energy recovery wheels to replace the inoperable components on site. 
Simple Payback (Years): 

Total CFM: 89,600 
Operating Hours: 2160 
Cooling saved (Tons): 160 
Heating Saved (Btu/hr): 4,000,000 
Estimated Annual Operating ($) Savings: $31,966