Airxchange® Warranty

Posted 10 February, 2020 — Newsroom

Airxchange® warrants its products to Original Equipment Manufacturing customers for a period of 5 years ‘parts only’. This warranty is for all components except the drive motor which carries the motor manufacturer’s warranty.

Most OEM’s pass this warranty along to the end user. The Airxchange® warranty is longer than most OEM product warranties. Therefore there is a multiple year period from the time the OEM warranty expires and the Airxchange® warranty expires.

Many OEM’s will continue to service and honor the Airxchange® warranty for cassettes in their products even after their own warranty expires. However, there is a growing number of these OEM’s who have chosen to direct their customers to Airxchange® for product support during the balance of the warranty period.

End users are instructed to check with their OEM supplier for warranty support before coming to Airxchange®. When the OEM’s so chose, Airxchange® will continue to offer warranty support the product until the 5 year warranty is complete and non-warranty parts support for the life of the unit.