Airxchange® Introduces a Washable Line of Energy Recovery Plates

Posted 27 July, 2021 — News

Acadia Series delivers industry-leading total performance and improved indoor air quality

 July 27, 2021

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Rockland, Mass. — The Acadia Series washable energy recovery plates from Airxchange® are now available to deliver unmatched total performance and improved building HVAC system efficiency.

Acadia’s polymer plate design aligns with Airxchange®’s proprietary polymer energy recovery wheel design to offer engineers, building owners and original equipment manufacturers a comprehensive choice of washable residential, commercial and industrial air-to-air energy recovery components.

“We developed the Acadia Series to deliver performance levels not seen in other plates, while also making them washable to help engineers and facility managers improve indoor air quality,” said Randall Steele, CEO of Airxchange®. “Because you can clean them – and because we incorporated polymer media that won’t degrade – the plates are designed for an extended lifespan.”

The Acadia Series is available in a range of sizes, from 50 to 4,000 CFM, has a high-structured plate strength with up to five inches of pressure differential, includes an antibacterial coating and is easy to clean.

Sequoia and Sedona Series round out new lineup of plates
The Sequoia Series offers a lower cost alternative to the Acadia Series with all the same range of sizes and features except the washable media.

Additionally, the new Sedona Series is designed for smaller systems and solutions, where a max airflow of 450 CFM is ideal. Also polymer, the Sedona delivers 75-85% sensible heat transfer efficiency in a cross-counter airflow design.

“While the washable media plays an important role in maintaining performance levels, we know high-quality, non-corroding polymer energy recovery components are a favorite among engineers and our original equipment manufacturing (OEM) customer base,” Steele said. “For that reason, we wanted to deliver several more premium options to select from.”

For more information on Airxchange®’s new energy recovery plates, visit Airxchange®.com.

About Airxchange®

Airxchange® has over 35 years of experience in the energy recovery industry.  Its mission is to design and manufacture high-quality products that perform reliably and effectively for the life of an HVAC system, reduce energy consumption, and improve indoor air quality. The addition of high-tech materials and innovative designs to a technology based on fundamental scientific principles has earned Airxchange® the trust of OEMs around the world. Airxchange® continues to innovate and support customers to meet evolving market demands for energy recovery ventilation technology. Visit Airxchange®.com for more information.