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For 40 years, Airxchange® has been an industry leader in setting the ERV market standards with innovative products that are designed for longevity in a wide variety of residential and commercial HVAC applications.


Airxchange®’s 40 years of experience manufacturing Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) components has culminated in designs having outstanding performance, reliability, and maintainability.  Our comprehensive product line developed from the experience of more than 325,000 installations provide a stable, robust platform for HVAC original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to choose from.

Our company has played a pioneering role in the development of standards and codes for energy recovery wheels, and we remain active in their ongoing development.  Today, energy recovery ventilation is in the mainstream of HVAC design, and we are pleased to be recognized as the premier provider of energy recovery components to the North American OEM market.

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