Schools Fight COVID with Increased Ventilation and Airxchange Interchangeable Segments

energy recovery ventilation protect IAQ from COVID

Schools Fight COVID

As schools and universities prepare to reopen, proper ventilation is of utmost concern.  To reduce airborne transmission of viruses, the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force recommends educational facilities have air handling systems capable of achieving 150% of current minimum ventilation air flow standards.

Airxchange Energy Recovery Wheels are built with interchangeable segments that allow schools to easily modify their ventilator systems and increase ventilation rates with PDX segments.  PDX segments reduce air resistance with a unique low air pressure drop design.

PDX segments can be installed in existing Airxchange wheels with no unit modifications.  Simply replace the existing Airxchange segments with PDX segments.  No other manufacturer offers this level of flexibility.

When used in conjunction with other system improvements, PDX segments can help achieve the 50% increase in ventilation recommended by ASHRAE.  To fully understand if there are other system impacts, consult a design professional.

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