Our Mission


Our mission is to design and manufacture high quality products that perform reliably and effectively for the life of the HVAC system, reduce energy consumption, and improve indoor air quality.  The addition of high-tech materials and innovative designs to a technology based on fundamental scientific principles has earned us the trust of our valued OEM customers. We will continue to innovate and support our customers to meet evolving market demands for energy recovery ventilation and environmental standards for improved indoor air quality.

Our Vision

We strive to be the premier partner of choice for best-in-class products that positively advance and transform the energy recovery ventilation and IAQ markets.  Our vision is to be recognized as a preeminent global leader of the ERV industry by supporting the community with reliable energy conservation components, passionately embracing new innovative ideas, seeking out transformative technologies and operating with unbending ethical standards.



·      1982 – Airxchange is incorporated to manufacture residential ERV’s

·      1985 – Airxchange manufactures its first commercial ERV

·      1990-1995 – Airxchange develops component offering for HVAC OEM market

·      1997 – Airxchange transitions exclusively to a component manufacturer, providing only energy recovery wheel to the HVAC OEM market

·      1997 – Airxchange exports first energy recovery wheels to the Japanese market

·      1997 – Airxchange moves to new, larger, manufacturing location to accommodate increased component demand

·      2001 – Airxchange helps pioneer AHRI certification program for ERV industry

·      2010 – ERV’s significantly contribute to ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2010 building energy reduction goals

·      2010 – Airxchange expands its facility, with addition of 65k sq ft factory space, receiving ARA funding to build and invest in energy recovery technology

·      2010 – 2012 – Airxchange continue to expand its product line to 60,000 CFM

·      2017 – Airxchange installs 1000 solar panels to corporate headquarters, reducing electricity consumption up to 90%

·      2019 – Airxchange releases new product line – Energy recovery plates

·      2019 – Airxchange launches new AHRI PATH A certified software, AIRXWEB

·      2020 – Airxchange joins Madison Industries

·      2021 – Airxchange introduces a new line of washable energy recovery plates

·      2022 – Airxchange celebrates 40th anniversary

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