Reduce HVAC System Demand and Qualify for Rebates

  • Airxchange® energy recovery components lower required mechanical heating and cooling capacity reducing the size and cost of the mechanical HVAC system.
  • Reduced peak electrical demand qualifys the system for select utility rebates
  • A combination of rebates and lower mechanical system cost can lead to instant payback in many locations

Airxchange® Energy Recovery Wheels Provide a Lifetime of Operating Savings

  • Our energy recovery wheels are designed to outlast most HVAC systems.
  • An exclusive segmented media design enables the media to be easily cleaned optimizing performance and minimizing maintenance expense for the life of the energy recovery wheel.


 Cost of 20 Ton DX System $40,000 Cost of 15 Ton DX System $30,000
 Cost of ERV  $0 Cost of ERV (5 Tons)   $8,000
 Rebate on ERV  $0  Rebate on ERV $2,000
 Yearly ERV Operating Savings $0  Yearly ERV Operating Savings $2,000-$5,000
 Lifetime ERV Savings (15 Years) $0  Lifetime ERV Savings (15 Years)  $30,000-$75,000

System with 25% outside air, $2,000 per Ton
Based on $4/cfm for ERV
Based on estimate from current FPL Rebate Program
Estimate based on $.08 kWH, $1.00/therm, not valid for western coastal cities. Savings can vary depending on climate and operation