Fresh Air Shouldn’t
Be a Fad.

Our Energy Recovery Wheels Make Ventilation Cost Effective. Our Tech Makes Your Life Easier.

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Delivering Fresh Air That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune.

Energy recovery wheels capture heat and cold from air before it leaves your building, and recycles it, all to dramatically improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. To go even further, our premium polymer wheels improve performance thanks to cleanability and desiccants that don’t degrade.

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Why our cleanable wheel improves performance, efficiency and air quality.

Reliably recover energy – and dollars.

Our wheels are segmented for a reason. They’re the easiest to maintain and the only wheel you can clean. That saves facility managers time and money. And performance never suffers.

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Case Studies. See Why our energy recovery wheels are trusted worldwide.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center Upgrades Energy Recovery Ventilation System

An Upgrade to Polymer Wheels

The Jersey Shore University Medical Center needed to improve its aging energy recovery ventilation system. Moving from metal wheels to segmented, polymer wheels from Airxchange® has improved performance and reliability.

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port st. lucie county school district

School Triples Ventilation Rates

The St. Lucie County School District in Florida needed to upgrade its HVAC system. Selecting our polymer energy recovery wheels, they experienced a significant improvement in ventilation and reduced their energy costs.

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Case Studies: Validation You Need

When you make the most-used energy recovery wheel in the market, you have a few stories to tell. See what customers think about our polymer wheels, and how they perform in an array of climates and industries.

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