The Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN

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Upping the Ante on Fresh Air Ventilation:

Horseshoe Casino Reduces Ventilation Costs by Over $400,000 with Airxchange® Energy Recovery Technology

Indoor air quality and affordable building ventilation are increasingly important for businesses fighting to stay open and operable during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Casinos, with their 24/7 operating schedules and high levels of tobacco smoke and other indoor air contaminants, face a unique challenge to maintain optimum indoor air quality at an affordable cost. Airxchange® energy recovery wheel technology was specifically designed to operate in demanding casino environments to deliver improved fresh air ventilation and dramatically reduced energy costs.

The Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN sought a fresh solution to improve ventilation and indoor air quality at its 400,000-square-foot gaming vessel located on Lake Michigan. The property, owned by Caesars Entertainment, had an original HVAC system designed with energy recovery wheels to offset the long heating season, control humidity in the summer, and improve indoor air quality with clean outdoor air year-round. However, after 12 years of continuous operation, the system’s original aluminum wheels became plugged with tar and contaminants and routine maintenance became ineffective and inefficient. The casino’s management was in dire need of a maintainable and affordable long-term solution to provide fresh, clean air for the patrons who ultimately drive the casino’s bottom line.


The Airxchange® Advantage

Airxchange®'s Segmented wheel

(Image: The casino’s original energy recovery wheels were seized with tar and contaminant because the system could not be effectively cleaned or maintained.)

The Horseshoe Casino partnered with Airxchange® to replace the original 10 ft. diameter wheels with a practical energy recovery wheel solution to en-sure easy maintenance, durability, and uninterrupted operation to match the casino’s 24/7 schedule.

Airxchange®’s rugged polymer energy transfer media is fully segmented and removable for cleaning as needed. No special equipment or training is required to clean the energy recovery media making it possible for on-site facility teams to maintain factory-level wheel performance, airflows, and energy savings for the life of the equipment. An additional set of segments limits downtime to under an hour per routine cleaning schedule.

horseshoe casino original energy recovery wheels

(Image: The casino’s original energy recovery wheels were seized with tar and contaminant because the system could not be effectively cleaned or maintained.)

Airxchange®’s stainless steel wheel design alleviated corrosion concerns associated with the property’s unique location on Lake Michigan. The field assembled frame and wheel design was compact enough for barge transport without the need for heavy machinery. Airxchange® provided on-site assistance and on-going customer service to ensure the energy recovery wheels were built and operating to factory specification while adhering to the property’s operational requirements.


Proven ResultsSavings of new energy recovery wheels at horseshoe hammond casino

Airxchange®’s reliable, service friendly wheel design answered the Horseshoe Casino’s call for an affordable fresh air solution. Tobacco smoke and odors are eliminated at the source for a more comfortable custom-er experience, and the rooftop HVAC units operate more efficiently to dramatically reduce energy costs. A follow-up air quality study recorded the lowest CO2 values on record which can now be maintained thanks to the cleanable wheel design and higher airflows not achieved with the original wheels.

Impressed with the results, energy payback, and exceptional customer service provided throughout the Horseshoe Casino project, Caesars Entertainment has implemented Airxchange®’s unique energy recovery wheel solution in several other properties nationwide.


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