Increase Cooling Efficiency

  • AHRI Guideline V provides a method for calculating the combined system efficiency of an Airxchange® energy recovery component with standard direct expansion (DX) equipment
  • Per Guideline V calculations, a typical Airxchange® energy recovery component preconditions outdoor air at efficiencies equivalent to 60 EER leading to 40% system efficiency improvement
  • Generally equivalent performance is available for air handling systems
  • Airxchange® energy recovery components provides up to 4 tons of cooling per 1000 cfm of outdoor air

Increase Heating Efficiency

  • Energy recovery ventilation components have a similar impact on the heating system reducing outdoor air heating costs by 70-80%
  • Airxchange® energy recovery component provides up to 90 mbh of heating per 1000 cfm of outdoor air


DX SystemDX / ERV System
DX Cooling Capacity20 Tons15 Tons
ERV Cooling Capacity 0 Tons6 Tons
Total Cooling Capacity20 Tons 21 Tons
ERV Heating Capacity0  mbh160 mbh
Outdoor Air 2000 CFM (25%)2000 CFM (33%)
EER10 13.3
Peak Demand (kW) 2418
 Typical ERV Operating Savings –$2000 – $5000

Above example assumes 95DB / 78WB outdoor air conditions for cooling calculations.
Heating calculations assume -16DB / -17WB outdoor air conditions.
Savings calculation assume utility rates of $.08 kWh and $1/therm.