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The Value of Polymer – and How it Saves You Money

Polymer energy recovery wheels offer distinct advantages that save you money over time. From permanently embedded desiccant material to the ability to clean them, your bottom line will benefit.

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Future-Proof Your Indoor Air: The Role of Cost-effective Ventilation

If you’re looking to increase the amount of fresh air flowing in and out of your building, it’s critical to understand the role of energy recovery ventilation. Why? Because it makes your HVAC system more effective and efficient.

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The New “Metal” – Why Bulky and Burly Isn’t Better

It’s a common misconception that metal means something is more durable. When it comes to energy recovery wheels metal rarely is the top performer. See why polymer wins the day.

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Energy Recovery Best Practices During a Pandemic

In times of extreme health risk such as a pandemic, it’s helpful to have a good understanding of how outdoor air ventilation systems can reduce the spread of pathogens within the built environment.

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Improve Building Resiliency With Affordable Outdoor Air Ventilation

As the recent pandemic has shown, minimum ventilation rates referenced in today’s building codes are far too low to provide us with the health and safety protections we need indoors.

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Total Energy Efficiency

When designers are considering the use of energy recovery wheel options, they should consider multiple factors to provide the best overall fit to their budget. Those factors are regional climate zone, energy recovery ratio at the design flow range, and the ability to maintain performance over the life of the equipment.

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Because it’s not real if it didn’t happen.

Over the next 3 years, Airxchange® replaced the original monolithic wheels with a fully serviceable Energy Recovery Wheel design.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center Upgrades Energy Recovery Ventilation System.

The Jersey Shore University Medical Center has expanded over the years to support its continuous growth, but their aging energy recovery ventilation system in the main medical building was underperforming and not providing optimum space conditions.

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Casino case study

Casino Reduces Ventilation Costs by Over $400,000 with Airxchange® Energy Recovery Technology

Casinos, with their 24/7 operating schedules and high levels of tobacco smoke and other indoor air contaminants, face a unique challenge to maintain optimum indoor air quality at an affordable cost.

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vineland veterans Home Upgrades Ventilation System to Maximize Energy Savings while Maintaining the Health and Safety of its Occupants

Veterans Home Upgrades Ventilation System to Maximize Savings, Improve Air Quality

The Vineland Veterans home in New Jersey is the state’s oldest veteran’s facility. Having operated since 1899 it needed to improve its HVAC system for efficiency and performance.

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Web-Based Energy and Financial Analysis Software.

Quickly and easily evaluate energy savings and cost effectiveness of a complete ERV system. Perform a free customized financial and energy model of ERV, including return on investment and payback analysis, in minutes.

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Specs, Features, And More.

New ERV Wheel Series for Custom and Semi-Custom Air Handlers

The ERC-118 Series offers the time-tested Airxchange® design at airflows ranging from 6,800 to 55,000 cfm at multiple performance options.

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Customize ERV Performance for Any Application

As the need for energy recovery ventilation expands, customers are asking for more choices in thermal effectiveness, air flow, and desiccants to satisfy project requirements. At Airxchange®, we are meeting these needs with multiple segment configurations to address all of their design priorities.

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A Clean Energy Solution for Outdoor Ventilation

Describes how Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) can provide affordable fresh air while meeting exhaust air ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards.

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Sequoia and Acadia energy recovery plate series

It’s Time To Get Technical.

Find all the detailed documents and papers related to our energy recovery ventilation and wheels. From operation to product comparisons, our technical notes get into the weeds. 

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Industry Professional Development.

Frost Prevention in Energy Recovery Wheels

December 2020. Watch recorded event on YouTube below.

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Redesigning and Reopening Schools in the ‘New’ Pandemic World

September 2020. Watch recorded event on YouTube below.

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Airxweb 2.0 – Selecting the Best Energy Recovery Plates

July 2020. Watch recorded event on YouTube below.

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Airxchange® strives to find ways to assist you with making smart energy choices, including improving your energy productivity and efficiency, and lowering your operating cost.


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Application Considerations.

The HVAC community plays a vital role in providing healthful indoor environments in which we live, learn, work and play. The challenge is to introduce outdoor air at levels required by code, while maintaining indoor comfort and conserving energy.

Application & Design Considerations