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Years of operation or lack of maintenance can take a toll on energy recovery wheels. But it doesn’t have to mean a full replacement. If you have an Airxchange® wheel, a simple and cost effective restoration could be all that is needed to return it to full performance. That’s because we provide the following value-added benefits:

Easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Guarantees lifetime energy performance and low maintenance costs.

Will not wash off or degrade after rigorous cleaning.

Readily identified with intelligent online selection tool and in stock for next day shipment.

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No problem, Airxchange® can help. We offer direct replacement of any manufacturer’s wheel across a broad range of sizes and configurations. Designed to accommodate your existing structure, Airxchange® Replacement Solutions can be installed with minimum disruption.

» Fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.
» Lightweight sub-assemblies are easily maneuvered even in the tightest of spaces.
» No need for cranes or special lifting equipment.
» Factory supervised installation and commissioning ensures wheels are built to factory tolerance and specification.


Airxchange® Can Help


Airxchange® brings decades of experience to our Replacement Solutions. Combining best-in-class technology with personalized attention and service, you can trust Airxchange® to be there when you need us. From onsite assessments to design consultation to training and commissioning, count on us to go above and beyond to deliver the simple, cost-effective, and reliable Replacement Solutions to help recapture your valuable energy

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Easily replace a damaged aluminum ERV wheel

Our replacement wheels have a modular design that can be walked into any space and assembled onsite. No lifts, no cranes . . . no problem.

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Simplify ERV wheel replacement with Airxchange®'s modular design

Airxchange® eliminates logistical challenges with modular assemblies that are designed for easy transport and assembly in limited access areas - all without cranes or special building openings.

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Airxweb 2.0 Software Selection Tool Tutorial

Comprehensive software for selecting and comparing the performance of ERV wheels. This software is continuously updated with the latest models and offers superior, user-friendly features over previous downloadable versions. Watch an easy tutorial to learn how to use this helpful tool.

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Resource Links

Replacement Wheel Form

The following information will assist Airxchange® in developing the most accurate estimate for your particular replacement or retrofit project.

Download 330KB

Cleaning Airxchange® Wheels

Airxchange® wheels are manufactured to be easily cleaned outside of the unit.

Download 184KB

Case Studies

See our collection of Case Studies for examples of our Energy Recovery Wheel Cassettes being used in real world applications.

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Replacement Energy Recovery Solutions

Underperforming or failed energy recovery wheels that prevent your HVAC system from recovering energy should be restored or replaced. For many facilities, the idea of replacing the entire system is both challenging and expensive.

Download 589KB

Experience the Airxchange® Advantage

Learn about the design features that make Airxchange® the best choice for energy recovery wheels.

Download 2MB

General Capabilities

More content than a standard specification, including dimensions, a detailed description of the technology, photographs, performance data, and electrical information.

Download 9MB

Technical Notes

See our Technical Notes page for detailed information and whitepapers related to our products.

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Replacement Wheel Bidding Guide

Designed to assist in accurate bidding/pricing before project.

Download 2MB

The Competitive Advantage of Energy Recovery Wheels with Polymer Energy Transfer Matrix and Segmented Design

Airxchange®, Inc. manufactures a variety of energy recovery wheels with outputs ranging from 100 to 60,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Download 187KB

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