Green Building News – January Hot Products

Posted 22 January, 2014 — Newsroom

Airxchange® is changing the energy recovery ventilation market with its new approach to the design and manufacturing of energy recovery wheels. Airxchange® energy recovery wheels enable energy recovery ventilation systems to provide fresh outdoor air at one third of the cost of conventional systems and increase HVAC efficiency by up to 40 percent. The improved dehumidification and humidification performance reduces indoor air pollution, improving the health and productivity of building occupants, according to the company. Airxchange®’s patented energy recovery wheel technology reduces energy requirements for conditioning outdoor air by up to 80 percent and is available from most HVAC manufacturers in a variety of configurations. Airxchange® also offers wheel replacement field assembly kits that can be easily handled by two people and fit through all standard doorways to remove the challenges typically associated with limited access areas, bulky components and complex assemblies.