The only truly segmented and washable energy recovery wheel that ensures a lifetime of factory level performance.

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Our segmented wheel design offers customers more performance options to maximize system efficiency.

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Our mission is to design and manufacture next generation energy recovery products that perform reliably for the life of the HVAC system.  We will continue to innovate and support our customers with quality components that meet or exceed market requirements for improved HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality.

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Better way to select energy recovery

Airxweb is the latest software offering from Airxchange, a FREE, web-based performance selection and energy modeling tool.  This comprehensive, user friendly interface allows HVAC engineers to compare and select Airxchange AHRI certified energy recovery components with ease and flexibility. You can access and print your saved projects at any time.

  • Select and compare energy recovery components
  • Simulate performance
  • Export submittal documents
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Replacement Energy
Recovery Solutions

Underperforming or failed energy recovery wheels that prevent your HVAC system from recovering energy should be restored or replaced. For many facilities, the idea of replacing the entire system is both challenging and expensive. Fortunately, Airxchange Replacement Energy Recovery Solutions has the answer.

We make it easy to restore or replace the energy recovery component, ensuring that your system will continue to maximize energy savings while providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

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