Energy Recovery Wheel Replacement

The continued growth of the energy recovery market has created a demand for knowledgeable and skilled professionals that are able to maintain, service, or if required replace this vital component to the HVAC system.  Airxchange®’s modular wheel design has been recognized as a product unlike any competing products. All Airxchange® Energy Recovery Wheels are designed to enable facility managers and contractors to quickly replace an energy recovery wheel, regardless of the original manufacturer or configuration.

We make it easy to restore or replace the energy recovery wheel component, ensuring that your system will continue to maximize energy savings while providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

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Features & Benefits

  • Removable Energy Transfer Media
  • Permanently Embedded Desiccant
  • Fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipping
  • Lightweight sub-assemblies are easily maneuvered even in the tightest of spaces
  • No need for cranes or special lifting equipment – modular design allows for handling in lightweight manageable pieces
  • Factory supervised installation and commissioning ensures wheels adhere to factory specs

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