AT&T Building in Miami, Florida

Posted 16 August, 2019 — News

With the help of Airxchange®, AT&T recently completed a 13′ energy wheel replacement in order to restore energy savings and improve humidity control to an air handling unit serving six floors of their Miami office building (previously the Bell South Building).

Limited access to the air handler unit (AHU) located in a rooftop penthouse was overcome by Airxchange®’s customized replacement wheel solution which was delivered in sections through a stairwell and elevator then re-assembled in the AHU.  The structural steel casing of the original wheel manufacturer was left in place for the Airxchange® wheel to operate within.  Unlike the bearings of the original wheel, Airxchange® provided external bearings to reduce the applied load on the bearings.

With the replacement wheels now in place, AT&T can better manage operational costs while helping to maintain a comfortable and healthier indoor environment.  Both the on-site contractor and HVAC manager for the building were complimentary of the Airxchange®’s segmented energy transfer media design which can be easily cleaned going forward.  The installation was completed over a weekend, to minimize replacement downtime.


  • Airxchange® wheel is 40% lighter than the original
  • Removable transfer media design insures lifetime energy performance
  • Offloads AC coils up to 272 lbs of water per hour
  • Reduced peak energy load:
    Summer = 130 tons / Winter = 750,000 Btu/h
  • Simple payback estimate = 3.5 years