Energy Recovery Ventilation’s Crucial Role in Reducing the Spread of Viruses

Posted 6 October, 2020 — News

Increase Energy Recovery Ventilation

Recommendations from CDC and ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Regarding Ventilation:

– Increase the percentage of outdoor air, (e.g using economizer modes of HVAC operations) potentially as high as 100%, increasing the total airflow supply to occupied spaces
– Continue operation of the ERV component appropriate to climate conditions
– Dilution of contaminants, including infectious aerosols, by outdoor air ventilation is an integral IAQ strategy in ASHRAE Standard 62.1 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality



Airxchange® energy recovery


Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV).  Energy recovery ventilators are specifically designed to increase fresh outdoor ventilation air in a cost-effective manner.  They do so by efficiently preconditioning fresh air with recycled energy to reduce outdoor air ventilation loads up to 80%.

At the heart of all ERV systems is an Energy Recovery Component, usually in the form of an Energy Recovery Wheel or Fixed Plate Heat Exchanger.  These components are directly responsible for recycling the energy from your indoor air and are critical for maintaining peak system operation. Learn more on how to maximize your energy recovery component’s performance if you have one in place or upgrade your HVAC system with ERV technology to ensure optimum indoor quality and improve the efficiency and performance of your unit.

If your existing component IS made by Airxchange®:

  • Clean the Media Segments – Follow cleaning instructions outlined by Airxchange® to clean the segments outside of your cabinet. Learn more.
  • Purchase New Media Segments– If cleaning is not an option, a quick and affordable fix is to upgrade the segments.  This takes less than an hour with only hand tools and will bring the wheel back to factory performance levels. View Video.
  • Follow the Routine and Preventative Maintenance Checklistto check the full Wheel Operation. Read more.

If your existing component IS NOT made by Airxchange®:

  • Airxchange® Energy Recovery Wheel’s serve as a direct replacement for most wheels in the market – often exceeding existing design performance levels. Learn more.
  • Airxchange® Replacement wheels come disassembled to eliminate major building and unit alterations and can be assembled inside the existing wheel space or wheel frame. View Video.
  • Process can be completed in less than a day, and often by your onsite HVAC team.
  • Component paybacks are typically less than a year and will show a rapid improvement of the indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Purchase a replacement Fixed Plate Heat Exchanger to quickly upgrade the existing component. Learn more.

If you DO NOT have an ERV system in place:

  • ERV is an easy addition to existing buildings.
  • Implementing ERV technology into your existing HVAC system ensures optimum indoor quality, improves efficiency and performance of your unit.
  • Explore ERV solutions.