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The most-trusted energy recovery wheel on the market.

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Polymer wheels. For Premium Performance.

The most efficient, highest-performing wheel on the market.
- Improves HVAC efficiency up to 40%.
- Segmented polymer media for easy cleaning. Reduced performance is a thing of the past.
- Only cleanable wheel available.
- Flexible sizing (50 to 60,000 CFM).
- Desiccant permanently bonded to media.
- Non-corrosive stainless steel frame.
- Trusted by more than 90% of HVAC OEMs.
- Compact design reduces cabinet size.
- Some of the lowest leakage rates in the industry.

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Plate Perfection.

For engineers who demand minimal moving parts.
- Washable (Acadia series).
- Flexible sizing (50 to 4,000 CFM).
- ZERO moving parts.
- Polymer media = minimal desiccant degradation.
- Non-corrosive materials.
- Stackable.

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Metal Wheels. Made Better.

When metal is mandatory, we deliver a stainless-steel welded wheel design that supports the most reliable monolithic aluminum media in the industry. Available up to 86 inches in diameter with CFM topping out at 23,289, our metal offering uses a 3A molecular sieve desiccant coating. An externally mounted bearing design allows for easy service.

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See what separates our polymer wheels.

You (and your customers) have questions. We have answers.

  • Why would someone want to wash an energy recovery wheel?

    Washing a wheel removes dirt, oils and VOCs that reduce the performance of an energy recovery wheel. Each can inhibit airflow, therefore making a wheel less effective. Airxchange® wheels are the only washable wheels on the market. Additionally, removing particulates can help improve indoor air quality.

  • What size wheels does Airxchange® offer?

    Our polymer wheels range from 50 to 60,000 CFM.

  • What separates an Airxchange® polymer wheel from the competition?

    For starters, it’s washable. It’s also easy to maintain because the media is segmented, which means it can be removed in as little as 15 minutes. It’s also more efficient than its metal counterparts.

  • How do I know if an OEM uses Airxchange® ERV products?

    You can check the spec sheet or contact us any time to confirm the OEM and product line uses Airxchange®.

  • Are your polymer wheels as reliable as metal wheels?

    Yes. In fact, because you can remove and replace segments it’s easy to extend the lifespan of any polymer wheel without having to take out the entire unit. Our polymer media is housed in a stainless steel frame and built with minimal moving parts.

  • Do you have tools for helping my customers size and spec products?

    We do. Connect with us directly or try our Airxweb tool, which lets you compare performance of ERV wheels and plates. Airxweb software is AHRI Path-A compliant.

  • Do you offer a washable plate?

    We do. We recently launched the Acadia series of fully-washable wheels. They’re available in multiple sizes, up to 4,000 CFM, include an antibacterial coating, are stackable and won’t deform under humid conditions Get all the details on our plate page.

  • Does the polymer wheel last in corrosive environments?

    The easy answer is yes. But this a significant concern for your engineer customers. The best way to showcase how well our wheels work in corrosive environments is look at case studies.

    Two good case studies feature Seagate Towers and Jersey Shore Medical, both of which sit on the East Coast. From saltwater to high humidity, numerous factors could corrode wheel media. Because our wheels feature a polymer media they don’t rust. Also, the desiccant doesn’t degrade.

    Case studies for each example are available on our case-study page. These are great tools for when you’re speaking with engineers.

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More great tools to help your customers understand ERV.

Over the next 3 years, Airxchange® replaced the original monolithic wheels with a fully serviceable Energy Recovery Wheel design.

Credible, data-backed case studies.

From humid conditions to dramatically improved efficiency, find a case study that’s relevant to your customer’s needs.

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Compare ERV wheels and plates.

Our proprietary Airxweb Tool lets you compare the performance of nearly every wheel and plate on the market. We continually update it to include the latest data and products on the market.

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